Natural Language, by Avvenir:

"One of the more interesting musicians out there at the moment. You will be surprised, too, why there aren't labels just begging to release his stuff."
–The Antidote Music Podcast

"A beautiful baroque take on techno...

Effortlessly merging acid techno, ambient, video game soundtracks, all grounded within an IDM framework, the songs are imbued with a strong narrative sensibility."

–Beach Sloth

Glyphs, by Avvenir:

"It’s always exciting when a debut album leaves you already excited for what’s to come."

"One of the most interesting electronic debuts of the year."

"A fresh look at experimental techno."


Pronouncement, by Contretemps:

"An enthusiastic debut and a fresh study on where noise and ambient are in the second decade of this century." 

"A godsend for a busy, work-addled mind."
–Nothing Sounds Better


Geography, by City States:

"It's easy to hear the influence of the Brian Eno-era Talking Heads along with a modern note of Radiohead in all of their songs."
Gapers Block

"A gorgeous collection of music."
–Foxbase Gamma, Chirp Radio Chicago

"Elegantly Corrupt pop."

"A lovely little record, all bright shimmers and electronic affectations with Ebner's voice vulnerable and delicate at all the right moments."
–Scene Point Blank

"So abruptly straightforward that it’s strongest asset is the unflinching directness, both lyrically and musically."

"Their songs consistently evolve to make unexpected and experimental turns that keep you on your toes and fully engaged."