Legibility: The New EP Series from Avvenir

Friends: I'm excited to announce the first Safety Records release of 2018, Legibility I from Avvenir. This is the first of six EPs I'll be launching from the series, all featuring outtakes from the Glyphs, Natural Language, and Comms sessions. 

Since 2015 I've released three full-length LPs, and have been moving so fast that I haven't really stopped to take stock of everything I've created. Early this year, however, I spent some time listening back on the full set of demos from these sessions—I have a lot of them, 207 to be exact—and came to the conclusion that lots of those tracks are worth releasing.

So here we are. Thru mid-August I'll be focusing on releasing alternates and also-rans while taking the year to finish LPs four and five (those albums are both half finished by-the-way, and they're going to be a bit of a departure). Legibility I thru VI will present these older tracks in rough chronological order, starting with songs from the Glyphs sessions, so you'll get to hear how the project has changed over time.

As always, I hope you enjoy these tracks, and if you like them, then be sure to follow Avvenir on Spotify and share with friends! 

Joel / Safety