Avvenir LP3: Comms

Friends: I'm excited to be bringing you my third album as Avvenir, Comms.

It's my sixth LP when including my other projects, City States, Contretemps, and Modal Voices, and easily the most immediate. Comms strips away the orchestral flourishes that made last year's Natural Language, in the words of the Beach Sloth music blog, "a beautiful, baroque take on techno." Instead, over the course of its 44-minute runtime Comms' oscillates between industrial breakbeats and icy soundscapes, resulting in a tone that reads more claustrophobic than reflective. 

Starting around the same time as when I began production on the first Avvenir LP, I developed an obsession with contemporary art, which has only grown in the years since. The song titles of Comms reflect this, referencing pieces by Wade Guyton, Albert Oehlen, Julie Mehretu, Christopher Wool, Michael Riedel, and Corinne Wasmuht, whose works ask similar questions about how we communicate, and how our lives are shaped by the arrow of technological progress. That inspiration has motivated me to start constructing my own large-scale mixed media pieces, too, the latest of which will be revealed in just a week or two. 

Comms will be available on Friday, November 10th via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and Spotify. More songs coming soon, but here's the first single, "Guyton OS":