New Avvenir LP: Natural Language

Friends: less than a year after the debut Avvenir album, I'm happy to announce the follow-up: Natural Language.

For those of you who loved the first LP, Glyphs, Natural Language ups the ante; once again, Autechre and Aphex Twin loom large over this new record, however the beats here are harder, the melodies starker, the textures harsher than what I've released in the past as Avvenir. I'm also incorporating hints of acid house, industrial, and orchestral music into the arrangements, making for a more unusual listen overall.

Watch the video to the opening track from Natural Language, "Jetzt":

Natural Language will be released on Friday, September 30, and will be absolutely free to all of the good people who are signed up for the Safety Records mailing list. However, my one favor to ask is that you tell your friends. Do you know anyone who daydreams about more records like Donkey Rhubarb or Tri Repetae? Send them over to the Safety Records site to sign up for the mailing list and get the new LP. Do you have Facebook friends who love Björk's Homogenic or late-period Cabaret Voltaire? Then share "Jetzt" for all of the interwebs to hear—it's the best way for people like me to reach a wider audience.

I'll be adding more tracks to Soundcloud in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, and thanks for listening.

Joel / Safety