Avvenir's Debut Single: Linotype

Safety Records' busy year continues with yet another new project, Avvenir!

I've spent the last 12 months writing lots of songs outside of my flagship band, City States, and the results have evolved into not one, not two, but three additional strains of music. Avvenir is the last of these new endeavors (the first two being Contretemps and Modal Voices), and I'm really excited to finally debut the first single, "Linotype."

Inspired by Autechre, Plaid, Conversation-era Cabaret Voltaire, and Aphex Twin, this project has me paying tribute to 90's and early 21st-century experimental techno with fractured electronic beats, sideways synth melodies, and shards of digital noise.

Download the new Avvenir single, "Linotype."

This two-track single is just the start, as I have an EP and a full-length LP coming from Avvenir before the end of 2015. In the meantime, enjoy these new songs, and if you want to stay up to speed on forthcoming music be sure to sign up for the Safety Records mailing list.

Joel / City States