by Avvenir

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Safety Records 0003
Programming, sampling, and mixing by Joel Ebner at Safety Studios, Chicago Il.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
Art direction by Joel Ebner.

Plaid's Double Figure
Autechre's LP5
Aphex Twin's On and Selected Ambient Works II

For some musicians, the desire to create is so strong that it simply can't be contained by a single project.

After spending six years focusing solely on his flagship art-pop band City States, Chicago musician Joel Ebner had found himself with an overabundance of ideas and a ambition to expand his repertoire. So in 2014 the founder of Safety Records catapulted his creative energy toward the outer limits of electronic music, and in the span of just a few years the fruits of these efforts have resulted in not one, but three additional projects. Having already started his exploration of ambient-noise as Contretemps and Philip Glass-inspired minimalism as Modal Voices, Ebner is now turning his attention to experimental techno with Avvenir.

From the retro-futurist breaks of "Magenta" to the industrial clatter of "Prepress," Glyphs showcases Ebner's genuine affection for the innovations of Autechre, Plaid, and Aphex Twin. But what sets Avvenir apart from scores of indistinguishable Warp Records devotees is Ebner's ear for melody and arrangement—even the most challenging tracks are underpinned by expressive synth leads and pointillist arpeggios, and Ebner's experience as a pop songwriter bestows upon Glyphs a powerful command over the record's overall flow and mood.

Glyphs is ultimately a record about the communicative possibilities of music. With a theme linking the language of music with the language of design, Glyphs is another assured debut from Safety Records, exploring with skill and nuance how the desire to create is born out of the desire to connect.