How To DJ Your Own Wedding (when you're a fan of strange electronic music)

A little over a month ago, I got married. It was a wonderful wedding—relatively small, with great food, and attended by close friends and family members we haven't seen in years. We had a bagpiper walk us out of the ceremony—he pipes for the band my grandfather was in for 40 years—and it surprised the hell out of everyone.

I was fairly convinced early on that we should take on the music and DJing ourselves. Eight years ago my close friends opted for the same, renting out a PA system and asking people to bring curated iPod playlists. I was way too excited to curate my own wedding to have anyone else contribute (though my wife, of course, had lots of great adds, like Pulp and Stevie Wonder), so I took on the duties in full, running the songs from a series of playlists on my phone, and just letting them run.

Not that I needed any indication during our engagement that I'd found the right person, but Michelle scored some serious points when she said okay, without reservation, to my suggestion of Aphex Twin's "Avril 14" as our aisle-walking song; she was also cool with Eno's Discreet Music as a pre-ceremony song. And the topper? She recommended that Bowie's "Sound And Vision" be our announcement song during the reception. It was perfect.

The full reception was four hours, so this is only a partial list of everything played; however, this Spotify playlist is in chronological order, so you'll hear the progression from mellow background music to dance-floor territory.